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< dc:title >STATE v. AMED INGRAM< /dc:title >
< dc:date >2017-05-16 10:01:53< /dc:date >
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< dc:language > en< /dc:language >
< dc:identifier >A-56-16< /dc:identifier >
< dc:description >At a pretrial detention hearing pursuant to New Jersey’s Bail Reform Act, N.J.S.A. 2A:162-15 to -26, may the State establish probable cause by proffer, rather than producing live testimony from a witness with first-hand knowledge of the offense?", "Note":"[NOTE:This appeal has been accelerated by order of the Court and will be calendared for oral argument on a peremptory date to be scheduled by the Clerk’s Office.Should any entity wish to file a motion to participate as amicus curiae, the motion and any proposed brief must be served and filed on or before 04-05-2017.The State and the defendant may file answers to any such amicus motion, together with a proposed response brief to the amicus brief, on or before 04-12-2017.Amicus briefs and responses shall not exceed 20 pages in length.No further submissions, beyond the parties’ supplemental briefs as authorized by the Court’s order, shall be accepted unless requested by the Court.]< /dc:description >
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< dc:contributer >Joseph E. Krakora< /dc:contributer >
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< dc:contributer >Claudia Joy Demitro< /dc:contributer >
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