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Argument ID8268
TitleLaManna v. Proformance Insurance Co.
Date2005-03-28 10:00:00
DescriptionIs N.J.S.A. 2B:23-17 unconstitutional because it authorizes juries in a civil matter to render a verdict based on the vote of less than five-sixths of their members if stipulated by the parties, while Article I, paragraph 9 of the New Jersey Constitution provides for civil verdicts by 'not less than five-sixths' of the jury members?
Doc IDA-101-03
MetadataDublin Core
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Counsel Type
Paul K. CaliendoAppellant
Randi S. GreenbergRespondent
Edwin J. McCreedyRespondent
Michael J. CernigliaroRespondent
Michael C. WaltersRespondent