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Argument ID8912
TitleIn the Matter of Provision of Basic Generation Sevice for the Peroiod Beginning June 1, 2008
Date2010-10-12 10:03:00
DescriptionWas the decision of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities which approved the pass through to utility ratepayers of a portion of the costs of solar renewable energy certificates arbitrary and capricious or made in violation of the notice and hearing requirements of the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act NJSA 43 49 to 98 1 the Administrative Procedures Act NJSA 52 14B 1 to 25 and procedural due process rights?
Doc IDA-75-09
MetadataDublin Core
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Counsel Type
Stefanie A. BrandAppellant
Babette TenzerRespondent
Gregory EisenstarkRespondent
James H. LaskeyRespondent