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The cases of counsle steven a. yomtov are listed below:

Date Title Document ID
2005-02-01 11:00:00State v. M.J.K.A-45-04
2006-05-01 10:08:00State v. Justin BealorA-31-05
2007-10-22 12:26:00State v. Shirley ReidA-105-06
2008-03-26 10:03:00State v. Wilberto RodriguezA-25-26-07
2009-10-13 12:56:00State v. Danny MaiA-98-08
2010-02-02 10:00:00State v. Johnnie DavileA-20-09
2010-04-26 12:31:00State v. Wendell MannA-56-09
2010-09-27 10:03:00State v. Aurelio Ray CagnoA-60-09
2012-01-17 13:05:00State v. Darnell Bland and Alnesha MiniteeA-70-71-10
2013-01-29 10:55:00State v. Bernard YoungkinA-70-11
2013-10-08 11:03:24State v. David M. GibsonA-27-12
2015-12-02 01:16:05STATE V. FELICIANOA-24-14
2016-09-13 02:38:40STATE V. JAMES L. LEGETTEA-12-15
2018-01-02 11:30:51STATE IN THE INTEREST OF J.A. A-38-16
2018-02-27 01:34:37STATE v. ROBERT L. EVANS A-85/86-16